Writing Guidelines


DermClub.org is a student focused website, where we want to emphasize content that will help, inform, guide or amuse our members. Our primary audience is Medical Students interested in the field of Dermatology. Therefore, we welcome medical students, dermatology residents and faculty members participation posts. Please follow the guidelines below if you would like to get your post on our website.

General Guidelines

  • This is a student focused website.
  • We encourage all types of posts that concerns medical student.
  • We prefer posts within the field of dermatology.
  • Writing language is optional Arabic or English.
  • Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws.
  • The post must not include marketing-related links.
  • Authors retain copyright of their submitted content.

Posts typesWe have profiled some post types, but these are just examples. You are not limited to them.

    • News postsusually short posts that shares an important piece of news in the field of dermatology.
    • Events postsinclude announcements of upcoming international and national  dermatology conferences, seminars and workshops.
    • General posts: this section involves various types of posts: awareness campaigns, professional advice, checklists, info-graphics and projects.
    • Research posts: Published articles, studies, surveys, case reports, etc. by you or others. Must be useful to Dermatology Student Club readers.
    • Interviewsexperiences of experts who have managed to do something significant that can be a great source of inspiration.
    • Resources recommending  dermatology resources ex. (Books ,Journal, Educational websites, etc) giving tips on how to best use a resource or just plain highlight a resource. From this type of post, students are alerted to useful resources.

How to approach us

Please contact the editor for your proposed post:


  • Start the subject line with your NAME AND POST TITLE.
  • Tell us briefly who you are ex. ( 4th year medical student at King Saud University).
  • State the title of your proposed post.
  • Outline the topic with bullet points.
  • Include links to other articles that you may use to supplement your points.

The Process

Once we have accepted your post proposal, please e-mail us a word document. Please don’t be upset if we recommend some changes–we want your post to be successful. The post may be edited for greater clarity, grammar, punctuation etc.

Writing tips

  • Posts should be submitted in Times New Roman and 12-point font.
  • Keep posts short, simple and focused. 400 words maximum.
  • Attractive Title that captures readers attention.
  • Interesting introduction that makes the reader want to read further.
  • Use headings, subheadings, and bullet point list to make it easier to read.
  • Use bold, underline and italics to emphasize your content.
  • Careful editing and proofreading.
  • Attach any images that are part of the post to the e-mail.
  • Include all references to any source you’ve used ex. (Photos, Articles, Websites, Books, etc) at the end of your post.
  • You may include links to your twitter account in a brief author’s biography (Name, College Year, University, City)  which will be published at the end of the post.

Thanks again for your interest in post writing. Remember that you’re not on your own with this, our editing team will help you shape your post to fit our audience and guidelines. We’ll work together to make sure your voice is heard in the Dermatology Community,

May H. Alorainy